2014 Champions Elite Fall Showcase Tournament

We will be hosting over 120 of the best teams from all over the country. Last year was a huge success and this year we will be partnering with the Atlanta Vipers and Georgia Impact organizations in order to provide one of the Nations top Fast Pitch College Showcases.

Due to the high demand and to ensure top level competition we have divided the event into 3 separate tournaments.

Champions Elite 90 - 90 of the nations top teams in 14, 16, and 18Gold.

The Champions Challenge - 30 of some of the top talent in the Southeast in 14, 16, 18A, and 18Gold. The events will be a Championship format. The winner of each age group will have an automatic bid to the Champions Elite 90 in 2014.

The Champions Future Division
- Top young aspiring Champions battling it out down the street from the top showcases in the country in 10, 12, and first year 14.

As in years past, the Champions Elite Fall Showcase provides opportunities and funding for Tomorrow's Champions. Founded in the Fall of 2004, Tomorrow’s Champions brings together the vision of Champions Fast Pitch Academy with inner city athletes and teams who desire to take their game to the next level but are bound by financial constraints. We firmly believe that every athlete should have the opportunity to see their dreams fulfilled on and off the field.

Minimum Qualifications for Elite 90:

*We highly recommend sending a team resume from 2013/2014 seasons. This helps us evaluate level of talent for acceptance as well as scheduling.

1. Top 20 National finish in ASA or Premier Nationals.
2. Top 2 finisher in ASA Hall of Fame.
3. Letter of recommendation stating why your team should be considered without above qualifications.


Tomorrow's Champions
All proceeds of the Fall Showcase tournament will benefit Tomorrow's Champions

Champions Fast Pitch
Our mission at Champions is to build upon the God given potential of each individual, developing the skills needed to succeed on and off the field.

Fall Showcase Partners
image Atlanta Vipers   image Georgia Impact East Cobb